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Art Angel Wannabe

It all probably started after I saw a DIY CD clock in Twitter, but I found myself wanting to do a lot of stuff after having been stuck indoors for the longest time.

So… I dared, and here’s how I fared 😆:

CD Clock
inserts for clear phone case
binder art – front cover
binder art – back cover
binder art – spine
geode resin coasters

I recently finished the binder artwork and have now moved on to epoxy resin crafts. It’s such an expensive hobby but exciting nonetheless. I tried doing a phone case and a grip tok but it didn’t work out so well the first time.  😂

I’m not really sure where this is taking me, because art is really an uncharted territory for me, but I know that I’m really enjoying myself, so why not? 😜

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Homemade Fish Cake Soup (Super Late Post)

I’ve been procrastinating on any form of cooking for no particular reason, until I decided to try my luck at homemade fish cake soup at home earlier this month. I wasn’t confident because I lacked the ingredients, but after watching a couple of “living alone” vlogs, I decided to make do with what I have. I ended up with something heartwarming, something that helped me cope with my longing for South Korea. 💛

Sorry for the not-so-pretty picture. I didn’t realize to document the whole process until the soup was boiling and all… but like what I always say about my sucky plating skills — it tastes better than it looks. 😂

In case you’re curious how I did it, I’m sharing the recipe below:

  • 4 cups water
  • 1 shrimp bouillon cube
  • 1 green chili, chopped into small pieces
  • chili flakes
  • 1 tbsp gochujang
  • 1 tbsp doenjang
  • ground black pepper
  • 1/2 to 1 cup spring onions or onion leeks
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • 5 cloves garlic, crushed
  • cooking oil
  • 1 pack of fish cakes, thawed and skewered


  1. Heat up a pot and saute the onions in a small amount of oil until transparent. Throw in the crushed garlic and chopped green chili. Saute until the garlic is golden brown.
  2. Pour in the water. When it boils, lower the heat and add the shrimp cube, gochujang, doenjang, and ground pepper.
  3. Mix everything and put in the fish cake skewers. Cover and boil for another couple of minutes for the flavors to blend in.

And it’s done! It’s actually quicker and simpler that how I wrote it. And of course, you can always season it according to your taste.

I ate it on a fairly warm day, but it did relieve some of the “homesickness” I was feeling for the longest time. I thought I would make it again when the temperature drops a little. I hear that the weather in the Philippines would grow somewhat colder until next month, so if I can stock up on some ingredients by then, I can experiment a little for a version 2.0.

Oh, and maybe by then, I may have improved my plating skills.😆

PS: Here’s a shout out to my friend Joy for the shrimp cube tip — one of the reasons why I kept delaying this was because I was too hesitant to buy anchovy broth bags.

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What’s on My Playlist?

I listen to UP10TION songs for the most part in Spotify after a HONEY10 shared a playlist they created (EVERY UP10TION SONG EVER). While I don’t skip any songs of theirs in Spotify, I am guilty of abusing the replay button for the following songs at times before moving on to the next track.

I don’t know how it started but this song really makes me smile no matter how stressful my day is.
Fan song! I heard this first when I watched Lee Jinhyuk’s TYFL fan meeting, and until now, I can’t believe I was able to hear them perform this live for HONEYthing.
The predecessor to “Beautiful” — this was their first fan song, which they also performed in last year’s fanmeet. To this day, hearing this song brings me back to that happy moment and I can only smile like a fool.
Probably their most iconic song…
I’m still wishing for a Korean version.
No words, just pure love for this song.
Their first music video that I’ve ever watched, and it made me wonder why they were not big in Korea. </3
Love at first listen — I thought Spotify went on to play radio but I was pleased to discover this was part of their discography.
Will we ever get to hear our beloved rap line perform like this again? </3
My first comeback/era with UP10TION — this song will always hold a special place in my heart.
Composed by our dear leader — Jinhoo, we miss you!
Please, please, please give Bit-to more projects, please!!!
I’ve streamed this song countless times and I’m still excited to hear it every time. Will I ever get tired of listening to this?
They could’ve used the literal translation “I See You” for the English title, but why…? They say it’s a song for us HONEY10 but I find it so hard to believe.

At times, I also listen to the members’ playlists when they do Vlives, or if they have a song recommendation in the fan cafe:

Gyujin sang this song a couple of times — I really like his version a lot!
Kogyeol played this song a few times on Vlive and he also once sang a snippet from this song around February last year, I think? He liked the lyrics and thought it would be nice to sing a few lines for HONEY10.
This is also another song from Kogyeol’s playlist. It’s a really good song with a beautiful message as well.

If you’re reading this and haven’t listened to any of these songs, I hope you can give them a shot.💛 I also welcome song recommendations and would love to see what songs you have in your playlists!

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[Pops in Seoul] UP10TION’s Interview for Light

I don’t really have a habit of sharing interviews outside Twitter and FB, but I’m just so happy my boys had an interview like this, so I’m hoping that putting this somewhere in the WordPress blogosphere will get a few more people to watch this video.

Hearing about the story told by both the lyrics and the music video was news to me; I never thought of seeing it in that angle: them chasing the light, and as they do, they discover that they are each other’s light.💔

I like how they good-naturedly teased Gyujin’s hand, which was part of their starting pose (if there is such a thing). And Xiao, no matter how sexy your transformations are, this video has given me assurance that you are still our baby.😍

Thank you so much for having our boys in your show, Pops in Seoul!💛

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Favorite Childhood Memory

We were asked to tell the audience during our kindergarten graduation rites what we wanted to be when we grow up. A couple of days before the actual ceremony, our teacher asked us the question and my answer was to be both a doctor and a queen. The teacher said we could only pick one, so I boldly decided that I would be a queen.

I guess I took things pretty seriously at that age and ended up sticking to that decision even on graduation day. The sound of people’s laughter can unmistakably be heard in the video footage — to this day, my family and I all fondly look back to that moment when I proudly marched to center stage and cried out “When I grow up, I want to be a queen.”

And no, my life right now is definitely a far cry from that of a queen.😂

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Weekend Highlights

Towards the end of last week, I decided to start watching “Record of Youth” after thinking that I could always stop watching anytime if I ended up not liking the plot. Surprise, surprise, I ended up binge-watching and was fully caught-up by Sunday night.

cr: AsianWiki

Park Bogum is amazing, as always. I find his acting super relatable, and I’m not sure if everyone feels this way, but I like his chemistry with Park Sodam. Nothing over the top or anything like that.

Aside from binge-watching Record of Youth, I also did HONEY10 streaming duties in Youtube, Melon, Bugs, and Genie music. I also livestreamed UP10TION stages in Music Core and Inkigay together with the Unnies.

Oh, and we also watched the Voice Trot spinoff program Voice of Hope, because Sunyoul was invited to appear in the first broadcast. It was a miracle we all made it to the end of the show — we thought it would be like The Voice Kids edition, but it was more like a “Wish Ko Lang” type of program. I found myself wiping my tears multiple times while watching Haeun’s sad story. Fortunately, Sunyoul chose for his performance a song that was sure to lift her spirits.

Good thing my sister didn’t have work weekends — she would’ve killed me with the way I’ve been abusing our internet bandwidth.

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What Inspires Me?

This is one of those seemingly easy questions that are actually difficult to answer. After pondering so many times, I decided to flake on it… and hopefully now, I’m ready to write about it.

Honestly, I want to say that family comes first, and while they really do (case in point — I ended up leaving my previous job after seeing how I have been taking out my stress on my family), sometimes, I feel that I am in my own little egocentric bubble.

What exactly inspires me? What exactly keeps me going in life?

I find excitement in novel experiences — my thirst for new knowledge was quite a late discovery, though it doesn’t mean that I’m willing to time travel back to when I was still a student. The downside is when things get old, I might start to lose interest.

In line with acquiring new knowledge, I feel fulfilled sharing that knowledge to others. In my past work, I’d always told people that I have unlimited patience; however, I did learn a valuable lesson at my past job that a little tough love is okay once in a while instead of babying people all throughout.

I also take pride in my ability to find solace in solitude, if that makes sense. I may not be a social butterfly, but I like keeping in touch with friends once in a while, but I’m also fine with staying at home with just my phone to keep me company — no danger of contracting cabin fever or something similar, hahaha. In one of the Udemy courses I’d taken up recently, I learned that introverted people recharge by doing some “me-time” and maybe that’s what I’d been doing without realizing it.

Novelty, new knowledge, solitude — it struck me just now that I’d lost these three things over a short span of time, and this could also be one of the things why things took a toll on me eventually. Hopefully, with all the valuable lessons I’ve learned after leaving my previous employer, I’m now much wiser career-wise.

There’s one last thing that inspires me — I may have abused this a lot during the past year, but I can never get enough of my sanctuary, South Korea. Over the past year, I’ve cried a lot each time it was time to go back to the real world. I hope this time, while the excitement is there, going back to Manila wouldn’t be as scary as it was back then. After all, I may be a Koreana at heart, but Manila is where my family lives, and family should always come first, right?

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Five Truths, No Lies

Finally — I’m up-to-date!💛💛💛

We recently played Four Truths and a Lie game in training class, and of course, now that I’m writing in response to this blogging challenge, it’ll be five truths and no lies. 🙃

  • I still live with my parents.
  • I can speak three different languages — Filipino, English, and some Korean.
  • I love the color yellow. #HONEY10
  • I find chopping onion leeks extremely therapeutic.
  • I hate eating liver.

At that time, the second statement was originally “I can speak five different languages” and I’m proud to say it took three guesses before the lie was caught! 🤣

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My Typical Day

To keep things simple, my day is divided into three parts: pre-shift, the actual shift, and post-shift.

Pre-shift: Of course, this starts when I wake up, usually around 3 or 4AM, unless I slept late, because my biological clock would then go off a little later than usual. I check on missed messages, scroll through my Twitter timeline, and play a little MyCafe if I’m in the mood. I start streaming my boys’ comeback album on music portals at 6AM. Around 10AM-ish, I fire up my sister’s laptop to make sure that I don’t miss clocking in for work.

Actual shift: Around 11AM, I join our daily Teams meeting invite and look for decent food. When the clock strikes 12PM, I’d pick up from where I left off from yesterday’s Udemy course. I try to limit myself from doing SNS during breaks, but if the Udemy course topic is slightly familiar to me, I may disobey this self-imposed rule too.🤣

Post-shift: I always clock out after 9PM, depending on how long the current video takes. And then, SNS time! If I haven’t during my last break, I’ll make myself a late dinner. But usually, Udemy courses are quite draining so I normally fall asleep barely an hour after my shift officially ends.

Sounds boring, right?😅 I find it extremely comfortable, though.💛

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Send-Me-Back Saturday

This was originally “Throwback Thursday” in the challenge, but since I’m trying to catch up and today is a Saturday, same banana.😜

I keep thinking about a lot of things today. I used to have Korean language classes on Saturdays, and while I have a lot of free time at my new job, I feel like I should wait until things become more stable before I take formal classes again.

Thinking about Korean language classes reminded me of Ok, my first-ever language partner who treats me just like her younger sister when I’m old enough to be her aunt. 🤣 And of course, since we’re on the topic of my first-ever language partner, why don’t I pitch in my first-ever Korean friend Yeongsuk? It’s been two years since Ok and I last hung out, and maybe three years for Yeongsuk? I miss these girls so much. It doesn’t help that I wouldn’t be able to visit them for a while.

Ok, me, and Yeongsuk — Seoul 2017

And of course, I miss travelling to Korea. I try to tell myself that I’d get to cut back on travel expenses and I can always catch up when it’s okay to travel again, but I miss Korea so much, especially northern Seoul!

I particularly miss this view from Gracie’s laundry area 😭

Just recently, I started watching Record of Youth and even though I didn’t particularly find anything magical in Coex Starfield Library, my heart skipped a beat when I saw it onscreen — I was there a year ago!

On a day like today, there are things I would like to do and places I’d like to go to. If only time machines existed… send me back to happier times, please~~~