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homesickness at its peak

In the perfect world, I would be a Korean government scholar taking up two-year Master’s degree in any partnering South Korean university who gets to send at least a quarter to at most a half of her monthly allowance, depending on the cost of living in South Korea.

But this world isn’t perfect, so I’m stuck where I am today.

But I do have my family, even though we’re scattered across the metro and even the globe (I seldom see my mom because of the difference in our work schedules, my sister is living on her own, and my dad is abroad)… Somehow, it makes things bearable and less dreary.

Still, it wouldn’t be so bad if I was living in the land of mouth-watering hansik and stylish hanboks and amazing skin-care products, where my family would religiously visit me whenever the seasons change until I graduate.

And when it’s time to finally come home to the Phiippines, I would either get a high-paying job in Korea, or something similar in Manila, where I would need to periodically visit some Korean offices. It would be that easy to come back to all of the special places that have permanently been etched in my heart.

I miss Seoul.

I miss South Korea.

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